Name(s): Frédérique Belliard, Job title: Publishing Officer,
Name(s): Alenka Prinčič ,Job title: Head of Research Support,
Institution (both): Delft University of Technology Library

Summary: Transforming the university’s scholarly communication has been on the TU Delft Library’s agenda for a while. As a response to the changes in the digital scholarship, the library adopted an integrated approach to scholarly publishing. The publishing platform  TU Delft OPEN Publishing  was launched in the fall of 2019 along with the publishing services supporting Delft academics throughout the publishing lifecycle, from pre-publishing support such as academic writing to the dissemination impact analysis in the post-publishing stage.  

TU Delft OPEN Publishing is a diamond open access publisher that listens to the voice of the community. It publishes traditional outputs, however, the focus lies on innovation as the means of transforming university’s publishing practice to open scholarship. The TU Delft OPEN is currently creating an experimental space for new forms of publishing research and education output  that is interactive, dynamic and enhanced, and for single article publishing as opposed to journal publishing. Hereby the TU Delft OPEN Publishing embraces the diversity in scholarly communication and contributes to bringing the academic publishing back to academia.