Steve Carlton: Research Services Librarian at the University of Manchester
Scott Taylor: Open Research Programme Lead at the University of Manchester Library
Phil Gooch: CEO at Scholarcy

Institution: University of Manchester

Summary: There is some evidence that sharing your research on social media, such as Twitter, can lead to higher impact such as increased dissemination, outreach, and recognition, although the size of the effect is debated. But crafting compelling Twitter threads about your research is a skilled and time-consuming job that requires more than just a link to the paper to maximise impact – particularly if you want to take the message to non-academic audiences. Here, we’ll look at how the University of Manchester’s OpenAccess+ service is making use of AI-powered tools to help translate often inaccessible technical papers into plain language Twitter threads. Our experience so far is that these tools can allow us to do this without specialist knowledge, and at a scale that would otherwise be impractical. Engagement with these OpenAccess+ Twitter threads has been extremely positive so far, but work is ongoing to identify how they could be enhanced further.